Real estate ads on the CIGDL website

The website of The Real Estate Board (CIGDL) launches a platform for real estate ads with a quality label. This should help to stabilize the market.

Reserved for its 125 members (they all adhered to a quality charter), the platform should help to stabilize the market and to restore the confidence of sellers and buyers. The approach also carries a “reappropriation” of the real estate market information, which knows no strict regulations.

As Jean-Paul Scheurer, Chairman of CIGDL, recognized at the conference presentation of the new platform, the goal is “to have control of the content of advertisements and its quality.” “Now,” he said, “you can find on websites 20 ads for the same property, with 20 different prices and 20 different indications of surface.”

The ads from professionals on this platform are only a first step; the second is scheduled for the end of the year with the introduction of “real estate exchange,” a tool available to members of CIGDL to standardize property valuations. According to him, this will promote exclusive contracts and contribute to “moralize” the market.

Mr. Scheurer also referred to the government’s plans to increase the VAT from 3 to 17 % for second housing acquisition (VAT will remain at 3% for housing for the principal residences). “There are other ways to get money, including revising the system of property tax,” he has said.

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