15 000 households for 37 000 inhabitants in Luxembourg

To contain the prohibitive cost of housing in Luxembourg, the government wants to increase supply.

The plan is to identify an area of ​​467 ha buildable land, including 257 ha around Luxembourg City. On these plots , the government plans to build at least 15,000 housings in 20 years. According to the figures given by the Minister of Housing Maggy Nagel (DP), these new buildings could accommodate up to 37,250 residents.

To achieve this, the government appointed 43 priority municipalities of the 106 in the country. As they will have to build at least 25 dwellings per hectare on their territory. They will have to include at least 30% of so-called ” low-cost ” housing and social rental housing.

The minister, however, insisted it is only a starting point. ” Projects could quickly materialize and enter their phase of accomplishment,” she said. Other instruments such as the help of the European Investment Bank and private investors should significantly increase the supply of housing in Luxembourg and limit, if not contain, the increase of property prices.

Source : Essentiel – 21/05/2014.

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